Equity 2013 "Standing Together" Election Campaign

I have been an Equity member and StageManager since 1995. From 2001 - 2008 I was on the Stagemanagement Committee. I have served as Chair for the SM Committee and sat on the board for the StageManagement Association. In 2003 I was asked to represent Stagemanagers on the Small Scale Theatre Committee which later became the Independent Arts Theatre Committee. Not being able to split my time I stood solely for election to the SSTC in 2008 and in 2012 was elected with approval from Council to the Online Branch Committee. My working knowledge of Equity contracts regulates and informs the way I do business with Arts, Entertainment, Culture and Commercial organisations and artists. With a stagemanager’s mentality in 2001 I transitioned in to “art budget” cost effective collaboration teams to integrate web-based technologies and social media into productions, reporting processes, finding work and building an audience.

I am interested in the implication, application and influence of emerging technology on our income, career prospects and professional lives. If elected to the committee I’ll continue to pursue the development of the online branch to enable Equity to constitutionally function online accompanied by a perspective of the arts-going-digital in my work with independent theatre, fringe and performing arts practitioners, especially around contracts. 

Please indicate whether you are an Equity member or not. I will continue to post updates to this list as appropriate over the coming weeks and months.
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